Saturday, October 30, 2010

Filing Cabinet: Chilean Miners

I like to go out for breakfast in the morning, eat an egg sandwich and linger over coffee while reading the papers. Not sure why, but in this setting things in the news frequently affect me—I am much more likely to find myself smiling or snorting or fighting back tears than usual. Here's a section of a New York Times report on the 33 trapped Chilean miners nearly two weeks after their rescue that fell into the "cry" category:

At a dinner in their honor on Tuesday, Mr. Peña, the runner, broke down when addressing reporters. Mr. Sepúlveda grabbed him firmly by the shoulders and neck and whispered something in his ear, but Mr. Peña refused to leave the stage.

“Thank you for believing we were alive,” Mr. Peña said slowly, his voice cracking. “Thank you for believing we were alive.”

He was hospitalized the next day.