Sunday, September 19, 2010

Who Goes There? (Prints in the Sand)

Early morning beach, September, Orient, New York. What did I do with that field guide to tracks, anyway? Any expertise welcome.


Uh, osprey?


Hmmm. Sharp claws, four toes?


Ya got me.

Mystery line.


Two by two? One after the other?


ccc said...

I think the top one is definitely a sand crab. I think the one with the sharp claws may be a coyote. Are there coyotes out there?

KC said...

I see what you mean. Hmmm. A brief search suggests that the one major landmass in the Eastern U.S. *without* coyotes is Long Island. Although some have been spotted swimming across Long Island Sound. I shoulda measured size.....hard to tell in pictures how big anything was.