Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Big Ride

Finally, the trip I've been working toward all these weeks: Salisbury University's Seagull Century, 2009. I finish it in 8.5 hours, about 7 hours of riding, a pace of around 14 mph. A record for me, though I'm passed literally thousands of times ("on your left!").

It's flat, maybe even infinitesimally downhill; there's farmland in various lovely shades of yellow and brown and rust; there's a little rain and some wind, but it's warm; there are state troopers blocking the cars at every intersection, so the bikes stream through; my back hurts and I count my breaths to 100 over and over again; there are rest stops with music and pie; there's a high-quality shirt (with no sponsor advertising) and a surprising sense of peace and contentment at the end.

The beach, Ocean City, Maryland. The afternoon before.

The view from my hotel room.

Predawn traffic, Salisbury, Maryland. 8309 riders coming in.

64 miles in: the rest stop at Assateague, home of the wild ponies (I don't see any).

My trusty steed.

My souvenir shirt.

Back in my room at sunset, enjoying the glow.


Joan said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations! You didn't see any ponies because you outran them!!!

ps154artstudio said...

I like that view from your hotel. You know I'm proud!