Monday, September 21, 2009

Rolling, Rolling

Biking the Triboro (or, as it now much less usefully named, the RFK Bridge). There are signs on the span that ban photography and offer the number of a suicide hotline, but both are pointed at the cars. The bike lane runs above the motor vehicles, just as it does on the Brooklyn Bridge, but here it travels rather excitingly along the outside of the span, rather than in the middle.

Early on in its ascent the path is surrounded by high mesh fencing, but by the time you're looking down into the swirling waters of the East River the barrier has disappeared. This makes for a spectacular view, even if you can't take pictures. These photographs were taken from Astoria Park. See the bikers pedaling through the sky.

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Joan said...

I love that about the Manhattan Bridge too -- that as a cyclist you jut out over the river. But this sounds even cooler.