Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crape Myrtle

Tonight I took out the camera to photograph the crape myrtle at the BBG. I've only known about these shrubs for a few years. They remind me of lilacs, but they're as electric as azaleas.

I've been feeling a little blue. But there's this woman. She's standing on the path, two pieces of cardboard arranged in front of her eyes, peering through the slats to get some even more exalted perspective on the blossoms.

"This is my soul-food!" she says. "I've come all the way from the outer boroughs for this! Crape myrtle!"

(Isn't Brooklyn an outer borough? What's more outer than outer? Staten Island?)

"You should go up one staircase and down the other," she says to me. I do.

The petals on the steps remind me of the star-shaped sprinkles a friend drizzled on a berry pie for the 4th of July.

In short, one of my favorite kinds of encounters. A passing meeting with a stranger (and her obsession) that makes me feel much better.

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CCC said...

Sometimes life is a strange and beautiful thing.