Wednesday, June 17, 2009

High Line Park (3): The Rapture

Hey, I finally got up there! On the High Line. I climbed the steps at Gansevoort, I walked the length, I turned around and walked back. My friend L. says the world is divided between people who can't wait to get to the High Line and those who have no idea what it is. The folks up on the old elevated roadbed seem euphoric, and for good reason.

I won't waste a lot of words on the thing—go see it yourself. It's a wonderful structure that cuts right through an amazing city—hundreds of years of history, nature, people, everything still bustling above and below and out to the sides.

The following pictures won't tell you what it looks like—check out the High Line site for that—but they may give you a hint of how many ways there might be to look.

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