Monday, June 22, 2009

Goose Steps (2): Down Low

I’ve said too much already about the city’s war on geese, but I’m still shaking my head that the New York Post could be so gleeful in evoking the imagery of mass killings and the gas chamber. I usually enjoy the tabloid’s irreverence, but I got the creeps when I read this stuff, and it wasn’t just about the geese.

Here’s a selection:



Plane-threatening geese that are rounded up by government hunters are being carted off to a makeshift killing field at Kennedy Airport for mass gassings, officials said yesterday….

The death squads were on Wards Island yesterday morning, where they rounded up a gaggle of 40 Canada geese in just 10 minutes….

Like lambs being led to slaughter, the geese went quietly. Once they were trapped in a portable pen, they were loaded into boxes that were put onto trailers for the ride to the Kennedy Airport death chamber.


The captured geese then got a one-way ride to a carbon dioxide gas chamber, agriculture officials said….

Like lambs being led to slaughter, the geese went quietly—though they were flapping and a bit jumpy, they made only a little noise.


"There are people who care very much about the geese. But in the end, safety of the public is No. 1," the mayor said on his weekly radio show.

On the plus side, "there is not a lot of cost involved in rounding up a couple thousand geese and letting them go to sleep with nice dreams."

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Nice Dream? Unbelievable.