Sunday, May 17, 2009

Buds on the Peony

Last fall, I planted tulips. I put the bulbs in containers, layered them with leaves, and covered the whole pot with mesh to keep the squirrels out. This spring, they bloomed.

Two years ago, I planted a peony, one of my favorite flowers. It didn’t bloom the first year. And indeed, there was a moment in early spring when I thought it was dead. It got going when I wasn’t really looking. And now, for the first time, it has buds.

I mention these things because gardening is teaching me, like probably millions before me, about planning ahead, and about working toward things in the future.

As fortunate as I’ve been, I’ve rarely had to do this in my life. My parents did whatever planning was necessary to get me an education. I didn’t have children, so I didn’t do the same in turn.

For the first time, I start to understand about looking ahead, about how laying the groundwork for things pays off, about how things can—sometimes—get better.

I recently re-dug the plot for a vegetable garden. My sister tested the soil. She discovered it was poor. We bought cow manure and began our attempts to enrich it.

Already, the plants are growing more robustly than last year.

And maybe a few years from now, if we keep at it, keep learning, that soil will be fertile ground.

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Joan said...

Damn! Those flowers look great! You brought those kids up right.